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Spray Hose Cheap Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is SprayHoseCheap.com?

SprayHoseCheap.com is a website focused on doing only one thing but doing it very well. All we sell is power sprayer hose.  That’s all we do. We buy hose in large quantities. We have no sales force, low overhead, and a very limited number of inventory items. This business model allows us to pass the savings on to you.


What types of applications is this hose best for?

Our power sprayer hose is great for weed control spray hose, pest control spray hose.  Our hose works great for all landscape, fertilizer and termite applications as well.


Is this the best quality spray hose available?

No. You can buy better hose, but it will cost a lot more.  Often 2 or 3 times more.


Is this good quality spray hose?

Yes. We have tested this hose in the extensively on both pest and weed control power spray rigs. We are so confident that this is good hose, we guarantee it.


What is the guarantee on the spray hose

Use the spray hose for 90 days. If you are not happy with it, for any reason, we will buy it back. Read the full Spray Hose Cheap warranty here.


What are the specifications of the spray hose?

The spray hose specs vary with the product. Each product in the store provides detailed product specifications.

What length hose should I buy?

You need a hose long enough to reach the furthest point on your largest stop. Remember the hose end gets the most use and abuse and will eventually wear out. It is better to have too much hose than not enough hose. It will cost a lot more in lost productivity to have to continually move your truck to reach far points than the cost of the extra hose.


What is the hose made of?

The spray hose is made from PVC.


What applications is this hose good for?

Our products work great as:

Pest Control Spray Hose

Weed Control Spray Hose

Landscaper/Fertilizer Spray Hose

Termite Control Spray Hose

Power Sprayer Hose

Can I buy less than a full roll of hose?

Sorry, no.  In order to keep our costs and prices low, we offer full rolls only.

How long will it take to get my order?

We usually ship orders the same or next day. We ship from Phoenix, AZ. Unless you specify otherwise, we ship UPS Ground. To calculate UPS Ground shipping time, click here: http://www.qspray.com/ups?__hstc=36923391.e07a5ad6f203381e66b6de8264d84b20.1367206168570.1367206168570.1367206168570.1&__hssc=36923391.2.1367206168570


What is your shipping & return policy?

 Click for our spray hose shipping & return policy.


How do i contact Spray Hose Cheap.com?


 Please visit our Contact Us page.